Once on paper

When you come into infinity, you are at the end only to find yourself at the beginning of everything. Whatever fear you have, it is not founded in truth. From here I know everything….I can hear and see the echos from past/future/alternative lives. From this point everything radiates but also from every subsequent point….backwards, forwards and sideways, I see all alternatives, every possible is in existence. Still we are us…we have played every role in every lifetime but here we are all eternally infinite. This is where I recognise everyone from…the gentle knowledge beyond explanation originates and ends here. In each relationship I have understood this outcome even when I could not explain it to myself.

In infinity we are all intimate, I know you all and delight in the familiarity and understanding that comes from being entwined and one for eternity. I see straight in through your eyes and find you behind your body, ego and intellect, your beauty is unmistakable and it strikes the note within me that wakes me up to myself. Each beloved I discover is the catalyst for unconvering myself. I feel my vibration change as it happens. On a more earthly level each on of your human expressions I relate with, I learn from….I learn about myself intimately, which is wonderful, as it is why I am me, to experience being me…and it is why you are you…to look at yourself, to be amazed at the spectrum of experience you have the ability to step into. There is ultimately no danger, death or restrictions. I am on both sides and I can see it realised…either that or I am insane. Take your pick. If I am insane I am ecstatic beyond intellectual conception so it doesn’t matter.