Body Paint

Body Paint Painting!:P

Had a play this week and painted a picture of a body paint, with body paint!:D

Organ Donor Button!:D

This Anatomy For Life body paint update onto the JuliaArts site includes a button to make registering that extra step easier ;D xx

Golden Garden

Golden Garden A 3hr live stage body paint at QQW Model: Betty Nails Photographer: Dolly Rocket The best of times live painting at the QQW (As ever!:P)

Anatomy For Life

Very happy to be part of Anatomy For Life again for 2015 in support of the Yes! I Donate organ donor registration campaign...I think the lovely Will might have persuaded a few Brighton folks to sign up! Here's where you... Continue Reading →


A Jungle Baby-To-Be 😀 A wonderful torso Baby Bump Photo Shoot with photographer Nichola Salvato Pregnant Belly Painting, Gestational or Pre-natal Art is catching on A lovely way of capturing and celebrating such a special time in the life of... Continue Reading →

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