May 2010

Simply some of this expo’s pictures :)

Morning Love:)

Some days you're sitting in the chairWith very ordinary airCaught in conversation there...I go to make some teaThen every little step I takeI feel my foot roll on the floorAnd hear the gentle noise it makesMix as your voice falls... Continue Reading →


I watch the hourglassPour light out through my heartThe anchorOf my soul's centreIn the physicalAlternate response to this week's OSI prompt Love

Squeezing Ashes

Fire of emergence searing through meI panic and I try to hold it inBlackening and charring at my edgesThe ashes of me dancing in the windPieces of me long to reach and clutch themSqueeze them gently into form againHolding onto... Continue Reading →

Dream Fall

Dreams fall awayAs butterfly wingsTumbling in the air;Glancing showsAblaze with coloursI had not seen were there.


Caught I orbitAt some terminal velocitySpeed that pullsThe imploding centreOf my darknessOut into the voidEach of usSuspendedDancing circles increasing decreasingAs who we are is breathedOut into light.

Missing Ounce

Somehow In the brilliance of Love I never felt the moments That I grew It is in love's grief In the aching hole Of absence That I realise. As I surrender To the preciousness Of every missing ounce And inch... Continue Reading →

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