November 2010


In the shapes from the windowI am deeply awakeWith Moonlight translating my skinHer love in the teaI slowly intakeFeeling her clean-ness withinThe silence that wrapsround my bonesI still hear,It whistles and calls me to Stilltil my heartAs it pumpsRocks my... Continue Reading →


A point so piquantAnd infinitesimally smallFloatsIn the edgeOf my awarenessContaining That SecretDelicate as EndlessInescapable and IndefiniteAnd as graspableAs some speckIn my bathwater

having woken at 01:30 after a day in bed,something in me realisessomething I can't quite graspentirely yet.Right!I thoughtNo more proofNo more proof I love youNo more proof I careDo you know how much it hurtsTo have to show it's there?The... Continue Reading →

angry hurting grumbles…mean things they are

So now I am herefull of fear and rage and doubtrunning riot with shadowsListening to them shoutthey slice with accusationsrub caustic on my worthgrate and graze and carpet burnat images I lovethey take my wish to crumbleinto soft releasing tearsand... Continue Reading →

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