Wishing you Love from me too.

I have stumbled, pushed, pulled,
and directed my whole life
toward the expansion of my divine humanity,
an inner largeness
that keeps spreading my soul before me
and expanding my spirit around me.
Something closed and cold within
keeps turning me toward the eternal glow of love
until I melt and overflow
in tears and screams and laughter and roars,
and vitality spins around me like a dance.
I can’t stop now.
I have taken risks
on purpose because I believe in love
and accidently because I was naive.
I not only have been burned, I have been consumed
in the fire of hope.
But after the pain I am always resurrected,
to my amazement, again and again
and again.
Each time I dust off the ashes of experience
I am deeper and richer
and closer to the wonder of who I really am,
and, as the family of humankind,
who we really are.

Taken from ‘The Little Book Of Love Therapy’ by Kathleen Keating