Deep Roots

Something so balancedso hefty and solidIn the practiceOf healthAnd Good LoveI am a spinning topA learning BeanChangeableMutableand GrowingThank youFor bringing meDeep lessonsFor Deep learningI pray to sinkMyself and my coreagain and againinto Deep Root Spacesto Grow Healthyand BalancedHefty and Solidand... Continue Reading →

I am herewhere I become something of sandsomething of dust and claydry and crumbling slowlyAs life's winds erase mewaitingfor your breath


In the shapes from the windowI am deeply awakeWith Moonlight translating my skinHer love in the teaI slowly intakeFeeling her clean-ness withinThe silence that wrapsround my bonesI still hear,It whistles and calls me to Stilltil my heartAs it pumpsRocks my... Continue Reading →


A point so piquantAnd infinitesimally smallFloatsIn the edgeOf my awarenessContaining That SecretDelicate as EndlessInescapable and IndefiniteAnd as graspableAs some speckIn my bathwater

Morning Love:)

Some days you're sitting in the chairWith very ordinary airCaught in conversation there...I go to make some teaThen every little step I takeI feel my foot roll on the floorAnd hear the gentle noise it makesMix as your voice falls... Continue Reading →


Reading your writingIs a physical experienceIdeas stepping off the pageInto my awarenessSetting offA cascade ofrecognitionacceptanceLoveSometimes what I seeIs a hole in the logicA space that lets the LoveAnd MysteryFall throughAnd ideasRush through meTo bridge the gapReaching toThe beautiful underlying structureOf... Continue Reading →

I am a little dumbfoundedBy the divergence of my lifeFrom what I had imaginedI have done things I never thought I wouldAnd never did the things I thought I dreamt ofThere's a sadness to those thoughtsAnd more than a touch... Continue Reading →

Love from Kathleen Keating

Wishing you Love from me too.I have stumbled, pushed, pulled,and directed my whole lifetoward the expansion of my divine humanity,an inner largenessthat keeps spreading my soul before meand expanding my spirit around me.Something closed and cold withinkeeps turning me toward... Continue Reading →

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