Grateful for Gillette

Came across this yesterday...exactly when I needed to! It's from the often deeply refreshing, interesting and nurturing blog Ex-Courtesan in Transition (again)I BelieveThat things can change.That they do so in their time. Their time.That we can rejuicify and re-ignite our... Continue Reading →

Blessed Light

Blessed momentsI am nothing moreThan the dream of my childrenThe dream of my childhoodThe light of Love's memoriesSeen through my Heart.I Love You


┬áSleepy dreaming early morning Rambling thinking ideas dawning Papers folding leaving marks Unsure writing in the dark Flowing loving feelings ebbing Practicalities awakening Information begins filtering Through the lighted cracks Hopeful waiting wishing holding Memories treasured now are fleeting Little... Continue Reading →

Falling over myself

I am at that momentThe wave sucks back in,Falling over itselfAs it bubbles and hissesThrough pebbles.I've sat so many timesLooking into this hiss,Always some part of meLonging slightlyFor the waveto have come further.Just that tiny bit further.To have restedCompletedbefore its... Continue Reading →

Health, Remend and Remeber!

This little post is just here for meTo commit and remind and remember to beTrue to myself, honest and brave;Stand up for my healthAnd my oddest of ways...For there is the sweetnessOf succulent lifeFull flowing LoveIn it's Dancing Delight.

Gorgeous tailcastness

Before I leave it any longer I want to say "woo hoo" and Thank you to the tailcast cast and especially Milas as both 'It Is What It Is' and 'Just Pondering' were Featured Poems in the last ten days... Continue Reading →

There You Are!

And then I remembered!As soon as I lay where I wantedIt was there:The grain of sandIs God,The All That IsExistence itself.So amazingTo see It in every grainEvery bladeYet be blind to itWhen I look at myself!

Just Pondering

There are so many ways I have changed.So many versions of meThey seem to beLives themselves.Yet still the core of me remainsColourful, uncomfortable and awkward,Hopeful, loving and untoward.Where is the wisdom in this?Where is the continuing presenceWith lessons learned?How can... Continue Reading →

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