Came across this yesterday…exactly when I needed to! It’s from the often deeply refreshing, interesting and nurturing blog Ex-Courtesan in Transition (again)
I Believe
That things can change.
That they do so in their time. Their time.
That we can rejuicify and re-ignite our lives and relationships, even in their darkest hour.
That there is an exquisite balance between being with what is
and excitement about possible futures.
That all is well, even when I can’t see it.
That the world is abundant with infinite possibility.
That the glue of the universe is love. Even loving fear.
It’s a good day.

‘That all is well, even when I can’t see it’ Seeing those words written down by Gillette moved them within myself from the ‘wondering if I’m just kidding myself though’ category, to the ‘reasoning and faith of a perfectly wise enough woman’ category.
Very grateful for that.