One of the things I’ve been busy with is a parliamentary petition against the legislation being sought after the Badman review into home education. Dare to Know is a blog of information on this issue.
I do not agree with every home educator’s point of view on this issue, we’re a diverse bunch, but this speech today by Lord Lucas to the House of Lords says a lot for me.

Also this week I passed my Ofsted inspection for becoming a childminder, Yay!
Two hours of questions!!!!!
And I still have (more!) changes to make to the house
And I have to pass my pediatric first aid
And my husband needs to not turn out to be an axe wielding murderer on his CRB check

Other than that all set to go!

Never know I might actually get time to draw, paint and blog….then again there’s Christmas to do next!

Hoping all goes well for us home-edders

Wishing you successes too

Big Kiss