Softly and gradually the year begins to come to life.

 I am still quite peaceful and the pace is quite slow, a few bookings already for later in the year and a handful for the next few weeks.
I am spending time clearing the house and my art spaces, watching tutorials, aiming to keep a mellow pace and playing with paint a little.
I am hopefully imagining getting out paper and pencils, but remember the exact same hope at the beginning of last year so am trying to carefully focus the energy into providing the space to easily do so.
 I enjoyed tentatively  painting small faces and a couple of grown ups at a friends 5th Birthday today with my half working hand. It has slowed me down a bit and it was quite awkward to do things from some angles, but some pretty faces came about and a wonderful rainbow Spidey face.

 More happens than it feels like and it’s hard to imagine right now how much I must get done when the pace of life seems so fast and insanely full as it has been the last couple of years with frequent weeks of ticking off checklists from 7am til 3the next am. hmmmmm.