We are halfway through January and I am taking quiet time. I am hampered by having an only half functioning right hand, but also quite intentionally taking time to try and work out a healthy balance between my little business and the rest of life (and some relaxation:P,I am here working at 22:30 but I did have a massage today:P)

December became such a blur as I attempted to run an advent giveaway calendar through my facebook page and bit off way more than I anticipated work wise…I missed one of my regular things, a quarterly giveaway, supposed to have happened 20th December.

Last year the December giveaway didn’t happen as I had no names to put on the list. the names come from contibutors of pictures, reviews and the such. This year the list is taking some compiling.

Compiling my list of contributors from the last three months has led me through some amazing memories and it prompted me to take time to look back through 2013 as a whole. I worked pretty much constantly, often functioning at the very edge of what was sanely possible for me (and those around me) for days on end to see a project through, only to take a breather for a second before having to step up to the next festival/party/photo shoot/charity event on the list.
It has left me with quite a year to look back on!

Of course all the while trying to book-keep, facebook, website manage, advertise, stay insured, order stock, produce stock, keep learning, provide excellent customer service…let alone raise two boys and try to fit in some life.

Off to finish the list and maybe create a 2013 hi-lights thingy:) xx