Today has made this week seem very busy and big.

I finally caved and re-arranged our bedroom to make studio? space this week. I had resisted to avoid having any kind of work sensation in the bedroom.
Historically I’m quite happy with art stuff in there, I meditate in there and pen to paper has always been part of that for me. But relaxation, self expression and hopefully creating some sort of living are different.

It has worked quite well though, our room is big enough to have my row of shelving, books, desks, computer, scanner etc down the wall which is to the left of the door, leaving the bedroom as the main space to the right. Psychologically they still seem separate to me.

Today I’ve been working in there on our very slow lap-top…slow but working so that feels good.

I had a pint of cider, in a friends garden, in the sunshine today. Sunshine, friends and ice cold sparkly cider…can’t even remember when I last did that.
It meant I actually felt too relaxed and happy to be bothered to do anything much, which was just what I needed. I’m surprisingly driven for someone who doesn’t actually go anywhere much.

And Tomorrow! Tomorrow I’m being taken out for the day to London…definitely can’t remember when I last did That!

I used to go a lot in my late teens, to Covent Garden and Camden Market…very rarely since I got married, other than to pass through on my way to Paris a couple of times.Actually I remember taking our eldest to the Science museum once, and going with the gorgeous goddess Lisa once…

Perhaps tomorrow will encourage me to go more often…we’ll see.

And I have mostly finished the picture I was working on (oh and started another at art class on Wednesday) The one of the beach has taught me not to trust my instincts when I think ‘That’ll work amazingly on black paper'((!!!)) no, no, no it won’t Julia, never listen to yourself again when you say such daft things, it’ll make it really hard work to produce something at least a little grey!

It has become an intriguing piece worked with irridescent oil pastel as well as pencil.
Mark really likes it.

Personally I quite like the perfect bum I started on Wednesday…even if it is a little too small and model like to usually be clelebrated by me. I think the final pic will be striking. (at least I hope.)

Big kisses