It’s warm and sunny and a lovely bank holiday…sitting here is wonderful and relaxing, even with both the kids about…it’s rare for everything to come together in quite such a picture perfect Sunday way.

I give it five minutes max.

The rest of the day will be as lovely too, just not so peaceful, or with me at the keyboard.

I’ve popped in to show the latest picture I’m working on (permission recieved, Thank you) and to say that I haven’t worked on it for a couple of days because it’s scaring me as much as the last two. I’ve really no idea how to do the wet sand etc…but I love the original picture so much I want to try.

So far today I’ve doodled and written…that’ll no doubt appear here in the next day or so

Ok the arguing has begun, sounds of tension squeaking from the other room, so that’s it for now.

Big kisses.