Slow and learning

Nearly finished...this'll be the last scan, tomorrow, finish and photograph I think...It's also bugging me...they all do at this stage, never as good as I'd hoped for!I can see the improvements I'm making but am frustrated to feel I've yet... Continue Reading →

back to the drawing board

So much seems to have happened in just a few days. I'm already well and truly into my 'take on insane amounts of projects and see which ones I nearly kill myself trying to do' stage. Luckily something in me... Continue Reading →

Wow! And then a week is gone.

He he!It's Monday again! I had a couple of almost chances to post during the week, even got pics ready...then here I am it's Monday again! I shall miss the delight of coming back and delving throught this last week.... Continue Reading →


Today I made it to art class so I finally worked on The Perfect Bum (as named by one of my dads) The original image is out of Psychologies magazine last month?...Of course I was actually trying to draw her... Continue Reading →


I spent the evening by myself yesterday. I often do, but not usually knowing I was unlikely to have company much before was an amazingly luxurious sensation. I had time to draw, read, stay up late watching TV (way... Continue Reading →

Happiest accident

So these are photos of the finished picture...It was much more difficult than I anticipated working with the black paper, and once I reached a stage of giving up I began to play with oil pastels along with the pencils...finally... Continue Reading →

Cider, Sunshine, and a Smile

Today has made this week seem very busy and big. I finally caved and re-arranged our bedroom to make studio? space this week. I had resisted to avoid having any kind of work sensation in the bedroom. Historically I'm quite... Continue Reading →

Busy Easter!

...Busy, my head is spinningLike a whirlpool it's neverending!Life is a little like driving a team of huskies that all want to go different directions at the moment! Time for a little less direction possibly.Lots of drawing this week...including another... Continue Reading →

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