He he!

It’s Monday again! I had a couple of almost chances to post during the week, even got pics ready…then here I am it’s Monday again! I shall miss the delight of coming back and delving throught this last week. Blogs can truly be a source of treasure and self-enlightenment when kept regularly. I still go back to my hopewitch blog.

What can I remember in brief?…

Have to work backwards

Sick as a dog most of the weekend
Spoke to the Gorgeous Goddess Lisa.

Mother and baby group Thursday AND Friday…so sitting around chatting with friends.

Weds night out to another most wonderful friends, walked both in the sunset and the dark, always good to acheive either.

Tuesday mother and toddler group…that’s more run around and talk to toddlers, but they’re friends too.

I’m sure we squeezed friends in there, oh and a super early visit to my sister! luxury to have her so near by, so scrumptious week all round.

After a thoroughly ill weekend, I finally came on-line last night to find the picture above…it’s the first of my pictures I’ve seen in a proper frame. I cannot describe how incredibly happy it made me! How stylish too! I keep going back to look at it because it seems a bit unreal and too lovely to be true.

Drawing has been one of my little dreams my whole life, bursting out in odd places, but essentially for my own joy and pleasure until now…there is something in being able to give pictures to others that is an amazing connection to the simple joy of giving that we /I had in childhood…drawings are a child gift.

Big kiss.

Life is like this often.