Today I made it to art class so I finally worked on The Perfect Bum (as named by one of my dads) The original image is out of Psychologies magazine last month?…Of course I was actually trying to draw her hands. I still have to work on it but at least it has progressed.

The guy above was a forty five minute sketch I did whilst watching (or pausing) an amazing video of Jason Baalman’s.

All of Jason’s videos are amazing, I think he is quite well known in America, and at the rate I’ve been introducing him to people here hopefully he’ll be well known in the UK very soon too.
My mum Ed and I sat and watched several of his speed portrait vids when they were visiting recently…and I’ve been making my way through his video lessons on how to draw portraits.

All his stuff comes across intelligent, funny, clear, generous and inspiring. What more could anyone ask from a teacher?…Oh yeah, practical, understandable, repeatable skills…they are all there too.

Ok, I’ve just found out that Jason also has a myspace page and I’m off to make friends

Big kisses.