I spent the evening by myself yesterday. I often do, but not usually knowing I was unlikely to have company much before 3am…it was an amazingly luxurious sensation. I had time to draw, read, stay up late watching TV (way too late!) and go to bed, meditate and write before finally falling asleep in a huge bed by myself. Mmmmm.

At the point today when my ‘I didn’t sleep enough’ headache hit me I was halfway through my Great nephew’s fourth Birthday party with half the girls in his class still queuing to have their faces painted. Tonight I shall be dreaming of pink and sparkly butterflies for sure.

I am still caught in some strangely suspended sensation and am beginning to suspect it’s a suspended part of myself coming to the fore requesting to be un-suspended. I’m a trifle scared of that…and wondering where the time will come from to make space for another aspect of self at the moment. I guess the only thing is to throw the request to energy and wisdom greater than my own.

I have been playing with my friends camera so you can expect lots of nonsensical pictures in the coming days.

That’s a very bitty post, but it is what it is…

I suspect you can expect old random pieces of writing to pop up as well for a few days.