So much seems to have happened in just a few days. I’m already well and truly into my ‘take on insane amounts of projects and see which ones I nearly kill myself trying to do’ stage. Luckily something in me made me listen to my panicking body this evening though, so I’m taking a deep breath and looking at how I can achieve as much as possible whilst going at a slower pace.

I have a big bag of ideas of things to do in the local community, and they just keep on surfacing…hopefully if I just keep a level head, keep talking and aiming some of them at least will come to fruition. I talked to friends from the toddler group today and a couple are interested in helping in ways that suit them, and already it’s good to hear other peoples ideas too.

On top of the home schooling and setting myself the challenge of at least one portrait of some sort each week it may seem that taking on other outside tasks is a bit much, but there’s lots that can be achieved and I’m hoping that all my tasks will somehow come together and be supportive of each other rather than vie for attention.

And today I fixed my header in such a way as to appear well on all the different size screens we have here at least…I’ve no idea why it should behave differently on each but it was doing…and In the last two days I’ve finally put pencil to paper again and these are my sketches…well they both started off as sketches, the second one demanded that I finish it a least.

I love the first one, as although I finally have an easel (yay!!), I was leaning on a frame on it with a corrugated back and I love the textures that the frotage? created…instant stripey wallpaper! It reminds me of a hotel I stayed in years ago.

Both the images are just copied from a magazine so I can take no credit for composition…but I’m thinking any practice is good practice right now.

It was interesting using a very limited palette for the first time as well.