I need to learn photography! I need it for taking excellent photos to work from….and for taking better pictures of finished work. I’m sure even some basics on how cameras work would help.

I’m thinking that this one is finished…maybe I just currently have a ten hour cut-off point.

I’m scared of ruining it if I try to go further, but I think I might experiment with some ideas I have on a few practice eyes, mouths, skin and hair patches, so that I can experiment with out risking ruining someones face!

Sketches for the next couple of portraits, I have some catching up to do to average my one a week…The shortage of winter light makes seeing colours challenging…and the time the light is best we’re usually in the middle of lunch/playing in the park or lessons!

I have spent some time browsing the most amazing portrait artists today…so now I have links to share…and snow pictures to up-load…and some very, very late calendars to make.

Top of the list is my transformation arrow for the Goddess E-Course though.

Big kiss.