This is my second play with acrylics, and my first go at working on canvas…it was really lovely to do, I finished it off with sparkly pen and irridescent pastel.

This is my healing picture from week three on the Goddess Course…during the meditation I was given a massive Pearl and made to understand that it grew from a past wound that I had healed and held over time, creating a solid mass of healing light, a Pearl of Wisdom…the same way an iritating piece of grit becomes the pearl in an oyster.

This is a much smaller picture than I’m used to doing, not even A4 size and i was surprised how much I enjoyed doing it…and I’ve two more small canvas pieces to play with so yay!

((((Big Squashy Valentine Hugs to You))))…we had a Family Valentine Tea with pink cakes, fruit bread, strawberries and heartshaped cookies (Yum!)