I can’t do this no reading thing!!!!!

It’s as much part of me as breathing and moving and sleeping! I am managing to curb my behaviour slowly if what I am doing is immersing myself in other’s work instead of my own creativity…and I’ve allowed myself to read and work with some of my own material.

I’ve started and finished this A2 pencil portrait of a friend in the day or two before she had her baby….and it’s the first portrait I’ve ever done where I wasn’t allowed to put a face in!

I find I am so busy and feeling overwhelmed by the amount I have to do…and that I am being rescued form this and other sensations by the Daily Morning Pages from The Artists Way…

Each time I begin to write the complaint ‘I have so much to do!!!’ it is instantly translated into the wonderfulness of ‘having so much to do’! So much choice, life is so full of amazing things to do! My life is full of things I love to do!

My other joyous writing discovery is ruminating over words I’ve shuddered to hear ringing in my head from school reports…Lazy..bone idle…and discovered through writing them down how much I LOVE THESE WORDS!




I even wrote a life story for Dame Lazy Bones and loved every aspect of her life!
All the sayings with bones in keep popping up, feel it in my bones, get to the bones of it, bad to the bone, work your fingers to the bone! Loving it all at the moment!

I am lazy! If I can see a short cut I generally take it, if I can cut back to the bones of the matter I will. It’s me and life here who need to haggle over what is necessary, never had much time for the middle guys!

Dame lazy bones wears ridiculously deeply frilly clothes and a huge hat BTW, I guess she has time for all that nonsense because her bed isn’t made.