Locus of Love

What is true is, that when the love I am resides with me and my experience regardless of any external perspective as to whether it should, I am free, soft, powerful, grateful, creative. And when I witness you, I am filled with more love. it is not something I can give to you, no matter if you try to earn it in anyway, it stays in me and I am grateful to the depths of my existence to experience it.

Health, Remend and Remeber!

This little post is just here for meTo commit and remind and remember to beTrue to myself, honest and brave;Stand up for my healthAnd my oddest of ways...For there is the sweetnessOf succulent lifeFull flowing LoveIn it's Dancing Delight.

Two months!!!???

Two months already? I am lost somewhere in all this life!! I just worked out that I started this picture two months much for one a week!Something big is coming idea what yet, and impossible to imagine where... Continue Reading →

Ten Years Younger

It's a beginningI woke up this morning feeling happy (and it was finally my lay-in Yay!) but as I lay there something else gradually began to dawn on me...I felt like myself, only ten years ago! That's actually a little... Continue Reading →

Grandmother Julia

I'm having such an amazing time! The sun is shining today, the air is clear and very crisp and I'm sat with my huge back door open letting int he November sun and chilly temperature (with a full sari wrapped... Continue Reading →

Reading way too much!

I can't do this no reading thing!!!!!It's as much part of me as breathing and moving and sleeping! I am managing to curb my behaviour slowly if what I am doing is immersing myself in other's work instead of my... Continue Reading →

I’ve been gone tooooo long!

Life has been changing, and I'm amazed at the speed things hurtle once they get going!I'm hugely happy to say that Julia Cameron's The Artists Way has been stupendously helpful for me!...I now face two weeks (well it'll be ten... Continue Reading →

Today! Today! Today!

Today I read the most perfect, appropriate, freeing line!In a book called: Unreasonable Happiness, Satsang with Vartman.Can I find it now? No! so for now I shall have to possibly paraphrase...or quote it perfectly, Who Knows?It's just rearranging chairs on... Continue Reading →

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