I’m having such an amazing time!

The sun is shining today, the air is clear and very crisp and I’m sat with my huge back door open letting int he November sun and chilly temperature (with a full sari wrapped around my shoulders and my ear muffs on!)

I don’t get to the blogging stage a lot at the moment, but it’s all for good reasons. Some days I’ve been terribly low but only with facing the demons I’m ousting so it’s all good in the long run.

My house is still a mess!!!! but it’s a good progressing mess and I’m learning to go with the flow, there’s years of stagnation and accumulation to wade through and rinse away…if it takes me a month it’s a minuscule fraction of the years it’s been building.

I took some time a few days ago to look through other TAW blogs and remembered that I’d fancied doing the Soul Coaching that Pen is doing, thinking damn, missed it, went to take a peak only to find the house clearing majorly on the agenda there as well! I’m happy about that.

Clearing the house strangely seemed the first step to me to enable me to clear my body…not quite got an intellectual grasp on that, but it’s working…feeling less out-of-control and that I can choose now to eat as I want…

And the transition from week four to five is finally coming to a close! I had read on to week five, but had not felt finished with week four so had put my tasks on hold (my clear an item from your wardrobe/closet, and list a thing you haven’t changed, turned into mammoth tasks!) today I finally wrote my letter from my eighty year old self, Grandmother Julia! and it goes like this:

Look forward to it! Enjoy it, Love it, and it is all yours for the keeping. Every moment experienced is a gift of a thousand memories and connections. Your life is beautiful and you are as beautiful as life; See it, seize it, dance it , kiss it, embrace it. Write it and paint it the deepest colours and move with an open body into it’s joyous, exuberant adventures; Sex and laughter, dreaming and dancing, dressing and helping, healing and moving. Hold it and witness it, everything within you is possible.
Grandmother Julia