Life has been changing, and I’m amazed at the speed things hurtle once they get going!

I’m hugely happy to say that Julia Cameron’s The Artists Way has been stupendously helpful for me!…I now face two weeks (well it’ll be ten days) of no reading…No idea how Ill pull that one off, but it’s already interesting to try…and I have been writing and clearing so much!
It has rather thrown my life into a jumble, but I’m kinda content just to find what finally settles into place.

I think the fact that we are on the slopes toward mid-winter will have an effect though. In making room for the Christmas process, both on the supply and demand sides, I hope there will still be room to allow the flow that will carry me through the beginning of next year.

I don’t want to lose this amazing feeling of connection again, I’ve been here before in the bliss of the deepening and opening…Perhaps, as this time I understand even more dearly the value of this authenticity and it’s vulnerability in the throes of life, I shall be able to hold to this clarity to keep calm in the centre of any storms that well up. !!Wish me luck!! I shall add that the resource of the TAW blog and community has been wonderful for this process and who knows…perhaps we may find support for each other that lasts well into our creative lives.

Been photo playing (as you’ll tell from this blog), portraiting (unable to show here) and am 90% commited to the Etsy shop idea…In addition to my three morning pages his morning I worked out the numerology for the name SisterJulia’s Etsy Shop and it came back the same 28/10 pattern as my date of birth…that’s nudged me a bit more to going for it!

Okay. I only planned a tiny blog to say Hi! and promise to blog again, huh! I’m promising to blog again tomorrow and back to more regularly from now…I’ve had my breather, so for now I send you

A Big Kiss!!!