Okay, I’m here as promised..it’s late in the day here in the UK, but hopefully I can get this posted to all three blogs before time is called.

I think this is going to be somewhat of a ramble…you are forewarned.

Starting with not reading….I haven’t, started that is, working with the logic that allowing ourselves two weeks for each week is to make the process more achievable rather than less…I did set myself the challenge of completing ten days no reading though…tomorrow is Friday… so another M,T,W,T,F,S & Sunday will make ten? er no, it makes eight! Okay I’m aiming at eight then.


How am I supposed to do this? Crap. I get it, I want to do it…My work will benefit, my backside will benefit, I will ring my mum!…I just don’t know if I have the focus. I am trying to step into this Etsy thing, even if I only allow the minimum reading to allow for set-up, what a place to try not to browse!
And I’ve been off-line so much in the last few weeks I feel out of touch already…and guilty(!!??) for not keeping up with others as well as myself! I’m enjoying the sense of friendship and community, and we do this by reading each others blogs and comments and e-mails! Hmmm…actually I can make international calls for free, perhaps this would have been a good time to exchange some phone numbers! too late now, no-one will read this!Lol!

Okay reading rant finished.

My two year old boy fell in love with a baby doll today…nearly all his little friends have baby brothers and sisters this year, another two in the last three months and another on the way…I think he’s feeling broody! We left the shop with a doll that suckles and coos and giggles and babbles and only cries if you take it’s bottle and lay it down (and then only for 30 secs) it has a motorised face and ‘breathes’ when it sleeps…He has been in heaven all day looking after this baby and it’s been astounding to watch. he had to put the baby to bed next to his cot, just before his own nap (and again at bedtime tonight)telling me I must shush and not wake the baby…and then when he woke up all I could hear through the monitor was “I love oo” “I love oo”.

I’ll try to get a picture tomorrow.

Okay, enough rambling!

I’m hoping to post about a pinhole artist Paul Debois in the next few days…I’d like to do a little interview with him (as if my list of creative ‘must do’s were not long enough yet this week!…still I shan’t be reading, or net browsing, or watching T.V. so I should have plenty of time! )
(and yes I’ll ring you too mum!)

Big kiss