Pirate Girl by Iris…I love the blues in this

Things are shifting constantly for me at the moment….result…I’ve turned my house upside down! Massive re-organise and clear-out…obviously because I wasn’t quite busy enough!

Hopefully, before too long this will mean my decks are clear and I can get back to drawing and blogging a little more easily!I had a lovely and very productive weekend…one of the joys of which was receiving the picture below from Iris, The Giveaway Tree winner!

I know Iris from lj, where she has always been a kind and generous supporter offering encouraging comments to many artisits at play and work…She also creates lovely mixed media paintings such as the ones here today, and is currently studying on Suziblu’s Petite Dolls course.

I’ve had a blast messaging back and forth with Iris since she won, and I asked her permission to share a couple of quotes with you…these are my faves!

“Ooh wow that’s so awesome!! Thank you sooo much! Heh I’m surprised, I never win anything usually!”

“I got it today!!! OMG it’s masssive! I thought it was A4. Such a nice surprise! I’ve put it up on the mantelpiece. I also just LOVE those little cards you included. I’ve stuck a bunch of them upright at the back of my keyboard so my eye keeps catching the cheerful colours & phrases while I’m working.”

“I’m so excited to have more art here, I’ve been talking to my boyfriend about it all evening. I wanna surround myself with art. I don’t care if I have no room to sit anymore, it’ll be worth it! “

I know exactly how she feels!

Big kisses from me.