October 2008

No Reading!!!???

Okay, I'm here as's late in the day here in the UK, but hopefully I can get this posted to all three blogs before time is called.I think this is going to be somewhat of a are forewarned.Starting... Continue Reading →

I’ve been gone tooooo long!

Life has been changing, and I'm amazed at the speed things hurtle once they get going!I'm hugely happy to say that Julia Cameron's The Artists Way has been stupendously helpful for me!...I now face two weeks (well it'll be ten... Continue Reading →

Lovely Iris

Pirate Girl by Iris...I love the blues in thisThings are shifting constantly for me at the moment....result...I've turned my house upside down! Massive re-organise and clear-out...obviously because I wasn't quite busy enough!Hopefully, before too long this will mean my decks... Continue Reading →

Way Busy!

What a difference a camera can make!I am sooooo busy!Life is so full!How did this happen?I feel awash in a sea of my own creation...Julia Cameron...hmmm. On top of already being so busy it's a challenge to blog at all,... Continue Reading →

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