I’m actually stopped in my tracks tonight…finally there is nothing practical I can do…everybody is ill and they have picked a separate room each to hide in, so I can’t clean, sort, decorate or paint!

I’m also a little nervous to go to bed with everybody so spread out I’m not sure I’ll hear them if they need me.

At least that brings me finally to here, for myself. The TAW has opened up huge things for me, and I’m constantly busy at the moment…either with my own thinking/writing/clearing or community creative tasks such as facepainting, crown making or snowflake glittering with local children at groups.

This year for the first in a few I’ve really found Christmas and all it’s preparation and decorations a wonderfully enjoyable distraction from the ever deepening cold and greyness of the shortening days. By the time it’s all finished and packed away we’ll be headed in the direction of Spring at the beginning of a New Year

I’m usually busy racing to complete things before my next Birthday but for the last couple of years have been really ill January through March…So we’ll see. I’m trying to take a bit better care of myself through these weeks in the hope it’ll pay off then.

I’ve been celebrating winter in my pictures, a couple of which are here today and a couple more I promise I’ll post in the next few days, I have a ceiling full of snowflakes too!

The pics are play and experimentation, but I’m liking the way they are going…everything has irredescent pastel in, which historically I’ve found annoying in some way…too much…but this time I’m loving the fact that when I sit in different seats I see different pictures.

I hope your lead up to Christmas is going well.

Big Kiss