August 2009

Cheeky Chen

Cheeky Chen...Super sweet, super cool, Big space in my heart for him, he's trying to raise money today for Stick AID/ Unicef by auction.Nuff said:

Reasons to be Cheerful, 1, 2, 3!

Heading towards the last third of the year and I'm a little stunned at just how unhappy I've managed to feel about this year! It's not in the day to day moments; it's been an excellent and gorgeous summer, there... Continue Reading →


There's the most stylish pic!There's the joy of putting up your own tent for the first timeThere's the trying to work out where on earth to balance things while you cook There's the relief of a tea tent that serves... Continue Reading →


Aching until I feel sickCold tears feel hot on my faceGrief is the tide coming inSharp and dark, the rocks.Back to the process of abductionHeart and mind taken against willThoughts invade with slightest seductionEvery sunny thoughtTurns to rain.


Life brings me many thingsSometimes excitingSome things a challengeSomethings like seeds,Wake ups like lightningMoments all changingConstantly offeringDays just like these.Life bought me fullnessIn desperationAnd happinessBought me to lovingIts rawness And dreamsLife gave me childrenAnd peopleNew chancesLife gave me differenceAnd hungerThat's... Continue Reading →

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