Heading towards the last third of the year and I’m a little stunned at just how unhappy I’ve managed to feel about this year! It’s not in the day to day moments; it’s been an excellent and gorgeous summer, there have been lots of moments of promise, and you just can’t argue the glorious joy of spending the day playing with small children when you open your heart and mind and just jump right in to the middle of it.

So I’m not really sure what the grumpiness is about…(except I’ve just been reminded that having a teen in the house isn’t always a breeze!)
Lol! That’s perfect timing with these pictures! One extreme to the other…trying to take the weight of the world onto their shoulders…and joining in with toy trains!
But yes, somewhere in this year I got lost and I’m really not sure how. Last night I had to hunt for a post from last year to find a video…and there was so much happiness shining out from the posts! And I found a letter to myself from Grandmother Julia that says it all really.
Wake up and smell the sunshine honey!
Take it into your heart as breath
Smile your love into your day
Dance with every moment left.
Wishing for loving transformation in my heart and in our household!