It’s so lovely to keep waking up in a good mood 🙂 It doesn’t last perfectly all day, but it’s in the background most of the time and it’s lovely.

I’m beginning to see the end of the mass clear-out of the house…really nearly might as well have moved!

It’s been a longer process than I’d have guessed…and I still have more to go, which is how I’d like it…I want to stay with the ‘it’s passed, move it out’ energy for a while, even as an on going process from now, so nothing needs to be perfect and finished anytime soon.

I’m still working on week six of the TAW…Behind as ever! It’s quite a biggy to call into awareness one’s concept of God (which for me is Existence, Universe, All That Is) in relation to any one particular thing…and evidently calling into awareness my beliefs/feelings/concept of money is another one!

Abundance to me is the flow through me in any form, inward or outward all well and good…unless it’s that one bit too much attention that one of the kids want, or money…then suddenly I am exploring the concept of lack!

All interesting…at least I feel I’m approaching the moment I can ask for the answer to this one…hopefully I shall be heading in to week seven before Saturday…

…and even better than that, I hope I’m going to put paint onto paper before the end of today!!!!!