The stunning yet huggable John Halcyon Styn borrowing a rather fabulous set of wings

I am so happy and so excited and feel so blessed by what is coming next!

I’m sorry that I’m doing it a day late!…I absolutely love giving stuff away!

Y’know this is the problem with trying to make a living! It’s not that I can’t value my creations, time or things, it’s just I feel richer sharing them as gifts!
Perhaps I could be like the grocer I go to sometimes, every time I buy something he gives me something else as well! Perhaps I could run a shop like that.

I dreamt once of running a healing centre with a healing shop, where as part of their healing people could gift whatever they wanted to, or not, and receive, by there own intuition, what they needed. Donate small take big, donate big, take small, whatever, guided by the universe and hearts.

Okay, enough rambling.

The name pulled out of my old straw hat is…..Iris!

Iris was the first name to arrive as well! (super fast commentor)

Congratulations honey! I’ll message you later.

All the pics I have up today are of another lovely internet friend I’ve been wanting to share with you for ages!

What can I tell you about this man? John Halcyon Styn featured early in this blog, and has been constantly just a link away. He hosts the Hugnation every Tuesday lunchtime (Evening here in the UK) as he did originally with his Grandpa, Rev Caleb Shickles. ..and holds the space beautifully for Hug Warriors (!) to meet, align their intentions and plain old Love.

He is shortly going to be appearing in a new video blog on…and I’m wishing him huge luck with that. When success is spreading love, openess to understanding, acceptance and fun, success is what I deeply wish!

Today’s photos show a sliver of what I have seen of him, and give a hint of the breadth of discussion this gentle man brings to the Web.