I love my spaces and blogs…they all have different purposes and different friends…and they all make perfect wonderful Julia logic sense to me…Of course not so much to my beloveds and friends…So here’s the rough guide

The main three same content (essentially) blogs, of which you are reading one, and their differences are:
This is the oldest, plainest and easiest on the screen load time…you can only comment or message me here if you have an LJ account yourself.
The profile page has some old links and friends listed…you can give my a hug on the profile page!
Probably the worst page for screen load, this is the myspace profile page and I’ve weighted it down with badges and music and film clips and slideshow, friends to click on and art background…fun huh!
The blog page itself is no where near as much of a pain to load! I have my highest number of blog readers here on the myspace blog…I often send you a Big Kiss but I have no idea who you are!!
Again to comment or send a message you have to have a myspace account.
This is more of a pain to load than it used to be! (sorry) Because it is my centre of my little on-line-verse I have links and rss feeds and video bars of the things I like to keep an eye on…so if you want to know what I know that’s where to visit.
And regardless of what my mum and sister say you can post comments anonymously…without any account!…I just went and did it myself here.
So if you want to say Hi or make a comment without logging in anywhere or send me a message (comments don’t publish automatically, I have to read them) that’s the blog to head to.

The current new baby of course is tailcast, this is my page where the load time is good, but it might take you a few minutes to get the hang of navigating! You’ll find extra images, and definitely extra poetry there.