In the night
Her legs grew longer
eyes grew sharp
and heart grew wilder
The pounding pace
Of feral drumming
lay gently in her breast
and calmly
In her breath

She felt the dance
Sway long and languid
Stalk her step
So softly padded
Into silent space
In between the worlds

And in the trees
The shadows friendly
Shades she missed
And ached for daily
Whispered rough
The sinking evening
Into homesick ears

Knowing she could just keep walking
Avoid the lights
With all their guiding
Into dark
Eternal calling
Sweetly out her name

She answered it the same

Longest time
She sat quite still then
Eyes transfixed
To something unseen
Listening silence
Gently twitching
Patience past the sane.

Time not right
for travelling onward
Turned herself again
Slow homeward
Thanking as she did
The night
Remembering her name