July 2008


Life is overflowing with joy and with lessons...Sometimes I am not sure if I turn to the lessons instead of accepting the joys on offer...I wondered for a moment then if I avoid lessons in the name of joy and... Continue Reading →


Everything you have doneamazes meyou've already taken stepsyour heart sang to youand as you followthe tune whisperingin your chestevery stepwill bring you closerand closer to mewith gentle huge abandonyou have taught memost beautiful truthsand my heart achesfrom seeing your beautyI... Continue Reading →


Life asks us constantly, in a million ways a minute, whether we want to open more, whether in this moment we are willing to change even slightly and grow through the process.I'm just momentarily wondering whether the effort required to... Continue Reading →

I think it’s finished!

Which is more than I can say for transferring the old poetry pages!If you reading this on Blogger or livejournal then the new links below work...however myspace listed my links as naughty pages(!) ...even I don't think the poems are... Continue Reading →

Poetry links

The lines/poetry links in the previous entries should all become live over the next few hours...But I shall be asleep...attempting to dream about gorgeous squashy people that I love, rather than edit entry, edit entry, edit entry!Big kisses


Let eachNew day Freshly givenBe filled With joy Exploration And gratitudeAs we choose


there's hope that loveand prayers remain clear with expressionbut truth is changed with words


sometimestruth liesdeep insidethe darkestspacethe placenot touchedor witnessed

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