Locus of Love

What is true is, that when the love I am resides with me and my experience regardless of any external perspective as to whether it should, I am free, soft, powerful, grateful, creative. And when I witness you, I am filled with more love. it is not something I can give to you, no matter if you try to earn it in anyway, it stays in me and I am grateful to the depths of my existence to experience it.


This beautiful bump is now a baby! ❤ So here we are Sisters Now moving into the Sisterhood of Motherhood! 🙂 ❤ #Baby Belly #Belly Painting #Baby Sister #Body Art

Baby Shower <3

Currently we are happily packing to visit my youngest sister for her first Baby Shower! My own youngest is 10 now (and my eldest 20!) and it has surprised me how exciting it is all over again.The same kind of... Continue Reading →

Happy Teaching :)

Very happy and excited 😀 Following a request from last weekend it's my first 1-1 training session in Yorkshire this Sunday:D:D Very happily looking forward to another afternoon of paint, glitter and trade secrets! :D:D:D

Castleford Tigers: The Video!

Yay! The video! Donna and I, brushes flying!:D:D:D:D It was an absolutely treat to team up with Donna's Face Painting Yorkshire on this shoot and the guys were all smashing!:D:D:D

Castleford Tigers Photo Shoot

Just absolutely chuffed to bits to have been invited along to paint Castleford Tigers by Donnas Face Painting - Yorkshire 😀 We had an amazing day and hard to keep a secret and now we get to let the CATs... Continue Reading →

Dress in Dragonflies

This beautiful shoot came about when two lovely daughters bought their mum (P) her dream 50th Birthday gift!:D There's a heap of pictures in this gallery, kindly shared by P and photographer Helen, to give a great idea of what... Continue Reading →

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