February 2008

he he he

Signed and sealed...well everything this end found and tenency the end of my road!!!I'm trying to remember if my sister and I have ever lived this since I left home in 1986...that's 22's at least seven... Continue Reading →

Enjoy the Colour!

John learning as he decorates the HugmobileIt's already 23:41 Coordinated Universal Time...I've just discovered that description and I love it!... Coordinated Universal Time isn't that what we're all on? love it. everything is coming together beautifully.My sister and family are... Continue Reading →


I'm so scared on the one hand, and everything feels so right on the other... When we moved back to Brighton, it seemed less of a choice and more of an understanding that it was time, it was going to... Continue Reading →

Fox and the first journey

So this is the picture from my first journey. I have tried to stay true to the original sketch, and this is my second attempt.Interestingly, or not, I didn't write anything about this first journey, no words seemed that important... Continue Reading →

Things to remember

I love the colours in this. Canna Leaves by Elaine HurfordWhile I'm taking in so much new information about art, looking at so many wonderful and interesting images...and certainly pieces of a technical level I'm never easily going to reach,... Continue Reading →

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