I love the colours in this.
Canna Leaves by Elaine Hurford
While I’m taking in so much new information about art, looking at so many wonderful and interesting images…and certainly pieces of a technical level I’m never easily going to reach, I need to remember why I am looking, what I want to learn.

I want to learn how to paint with new mediums, onto canvas perhaps as well.
Even photoshop?…some amazing and quite haunting images I’ve found I’m sure are computer art….I’m not entirely sure that it’s messy or physical enough for me, but I wont know unless I give it a go.
I’d like to try new techniques, messing about by myself is wonderful…but I could explore further faster with a map.

I don’t need to learn that I’ll never be that good.
We’ll let that little specialist part of my brain have a holiday.
I’m assuming this involved the computer and I think it’s lovely.
I’m unable to find who it’s by at the moment, if you recognise it…