A friend is going to help me take better pictures of my bigger pieces

Bit of a wobble over the last two days…not helped by the wonderfully deep chesty cough I developed

I have all the usual feeling daft about valuing my art drive (I like that so much I shall embolden it!) It’s easier to talk about sex drive than art drive, oooh that phrasing could be a big help! My art drive is exactly like my sex drive…Though I can say that I’ve never felt my sex drive to be daft, or even blushed about it in front of people (Not since I was 15 or so at least) but I still feel embarrased to talk about painting/drawing/writing…how nuts is that?!
And to be honest my sex drive has gotten me into scrapes I could never imagine my art drive or a painting getting me into. Though perhaps that means I’m not being brave enough in my explorations yet.
Come to mention it, I’ve a couple of nudes I keep being to shy to post!
The cough is due though, I stopped smoking a month ago (I was smoking a whole 2 – 4 cigarettes or rollies a day, but that’s still 2 – 4 too many) and my body is just spring cleaning…which is the other thing I have begun as well.
I’m not letting the de-cluttering and cleaning wipe out my focus though…it’s easy to find a lot of sensible things that need doing in priority over things the quiet little voice tells us are also important. Much like the children asking to play, I have to remember to not keep saying “later, in a little while, just when I’ve done this” those beautiful voices are gone too easily and far too soon.
So, as well as the replacement nets, toy sorting, room clearing and super vacuuming, I’ve made complete messy pages of pastels and glitter and glue…nothing other than experimenting. I’ve lined up some of my favourites to next work with and I keep letting my first journey picture float into my head…Just to allow everything to be a step in the right direction is a good feeling, I’m so often berating myself over something. For now at least everything is a step in the right direction.