Signed and sealed…well everything this end anyway…house found and tenency signed….at the end of my road!!!

I’m trying to remember if my sister and I have ever lived this close…er…not since I left home in 1986…that’s 22 years…it’s at least seven years since we lived in the same area of the country.

We can go to the pub together again…
Have dinner with everyone together…that’ll be a dinner table of two mum’s, two dad’s, three daughters, two, sons…two of the kids being young teens, and three under fives. I’m liking the sound of that table, and in theory we could do that every night, take it in turns!!!

I’m sure if she’s reading this she’s looking a touch worried by now.

I’m looking forward to some barbecues in the summer though.

Big hugs today…walking in the sunshine with no coats (not even a jumper),having to play with our nieces and cakes from the bakers.

Good day.
Best kind of day