June 2008


Life is strange.Wonderful, especially when it's peaceful, and strange.Or is it that I'm strange?, and I definitely considered it, it's just that the way some things in life work, including me, are strange.Perhaps it's only when we first notice things... Continue Reading →


Today I made it to art class so I finally worked on The Perfect Bum (as named by one of my dads) The original image is out of Psychologies magazine last month?...Of course I was actually trying to draw her... Continue Reading →

Happy happy happy happy Tuesday!

 It arrived!   Mark reiki'd it's arrival for me...I'm so happy! My heart has sunk a little every day I logged on since the middle of last week, but it arrived yesterday and now my heart is happy and I'm very relieved.... Continue Reading →


I spent the evening by myself yesterday. I often do, but not usually knowing I was unlikely to have company much before was an amazingly luxurious sensation. I had time to draw, read, stay up late watching TV (way... Continue Reading →

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