Taken over

Our lives have been somewhat hi-jacked by portrait drawing...I'm missing spending time browsing blogs! And writing in my own!   I also use the computer a fair bit during the portrait process, scanning the work in to compare side by... Continue Reading →

Feeling amazed

So I've finally finished and scanned in Z's pics as best I can. I'm surprised and happy with the results. Z's dad was here today and made a comment about me only just discovering I could do this, that something... Continue Reading →


Portraits are enticing and exasperating...I want to capture, and communicate, and show this amazing beauty...and I feel like I'm making wobbly, wonky muddy drab to how anyone does this for pleasure I'm a touch unsure. Mind you it's pleasurable... Continue Reading →

The motorway

Taken by my mum at Yorkshire Sculpture Park Everyone is taking it in turns to be ill...Again! ...I'm trying to refuse to be ill. This has been an amazing week where Thursday felt like Saturday, Friday felt like Sunday, and... Continue Reading →

Lilith as a survivor

Singing singing singing I am feeling so well, I am feeling so well, I am feeling so well, yes yes I am I am happy I'm well, I am happy I'm well, I am happy I'm well, I'm sure you... Continue Reading →

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