SO buzzy full of energy today…It’s one of those stages that seem to hold the roots of so many alternatives, little seedlings all vying for nurturance and time. I’m never sure whether to thin everything out intentionally to perhaps encourage stronger healthier growth in the remaining choices, or whether to let the process happen naturally and hope to make up for the lack of focus later.

Can it all come together?

Can I have web-spaces, art work, health, relationships, a business/career, learning, motherhood….that list doesn’t seem too long.

One of my primary teachers, I think one I didn’t like, once told me I was like a barrel of steam with too many holes in, that meant I wouldn’t get anywhere until I learnt to focus myself. The fact that I still remember that is bad enough…that fact that I remember coming back again and again, during my childhood, to that statement every time I was telling myself I’d never get anywhere, is the pits.

I am like a huge barrel of steam with lots of holes in, I’ve never rocketed anywhere, somehow though, I think it’s more important that I’m too steamy to be contained in the first place.

The business/career aspect is in overdrive at the moment, as is the desire to help Zak with his learning….I’m concerned though that I wont know how to create a framework to keep the momentum of everything going when I’m not working. Although, I’m creating my own framework there so perhaps it’s possible.