Feeling lots of little threads pulling together…and I’m enjoying being home in the day I have time to sit and draw or read or just drink tea in the sunshine by the window and that feels really amazing. It surprises me that I don’t feel quite the same when Mark is here, not quite so free to just do whatever tickles me at that moment…but thinking about it that’s true of anybody else being around…and I’m missing Mark all the time he’s not here and that is a really lovely feeling…I’m not used to it any more…I’m rarely a miss someone kinda person, it can be too horrible, but missing someone you know you’ll see in a few hours is lovely.

There is of course a huge list of things that need doing, the washing up from last-night, most of the house needs cleaning in preparation for the party tomorrow, and the party needs organising! I’m still going to go sit, drink some tea and draw a picture!

Spirit, dreaming, art and life all seem to be growing new shoots and I’m off to wonder at them.