…Seem to have found the answer to constantly feeling that there are things I must/need to do. Zacky and I now begin a working day at 09:30 that ends at 13:30. we’ve been trying it for a couple of days now and it appears a good basic framework for the learning and house stuff that needs to be done. Anything else I do after that is optional, which includes my art and business ideas, changes I want to make in the house, writing, reading etc… The side effect is that I can relax and enjoy those things properly and that is a gift. Just like the huge brilliantly clear double rainbow we just had over Thurnscoe.

Now the question is social life, the last couple of nights I’ve been hanging out for Mark coming home and it’s caused tension when he has other plans…hmmm

We’ve been here before….

Ok….I’m off to imagine alternatives.

May I finally learn this lesson.