Yesterday was such a good day…sunshining always helps. The new mouse traps arrived, I finally cut my hair into a style that I like, the application for the new job I want arrived….I cleared loads of Zak’s toys and packed them….all went well…even the final episode of six feet under was an extra 1/2 hr…kept me next to tears for ages though!

Today is bordering on pants.

Got my refusal letter from Mr Branson re his credit card…can’t get my head round the job application yet and the deadline for it, turns out, is the fourth…lack of credit is making the move challenging for sure.

up-side spoke to Pete, just hearing the voice of someone I know feels the same about a lot of life’s issues helps, and I did the washing up scowling until the very last moment at which point a butterfly came up and danced outside my kitchen window and let me smile and relax….

going to have to be more creative and inventive than ever to get us to Brighton.

Thanks to and  for the support and advice you left on my last entry…sparkles and hugs to you both.