Things are going well, although I can’t imagine how or when I’ll get back to some degree of normality…when I’ll be able to spend time working on web-spaces, or producing the meditation cards…but it’s all good. Pete suggested (or instructed!) that I sit and spend twenty minutes each day specifically imagining everything working out how I want it to…I’m actually not sure what to imagine though. I know that’s how I came here and got this house, I was very clear about what I wanted. And I now realise it’s hard to concentrate on visualising going elsewhere using a technique suggested by someone I wish I had more time to spend exploring with here. hmmm

It’ll all work out.

OK, maybe I’ll take five for focusing now, but I do know that the next two days are full of ‘just keep going’ beginning to feel like a packing machine…Interview on Wednesday though! Excellent team and the beginning of an adventure of like minds and hearts I think, so I’m very excited about that one.