Things are happily bubbling together. I have time on my hands, which I’m not used to. Such a luxury. And the sun shines for me, and the air is fresh for me and the blackbirds sing just to push me over the edge of everything.

Today I’m enjoying my space, but becoming a housewife has been weird too…I guess I make about as sane a housewife as wife! I kind of spill noisily and messily round all the edges.

I’ve been reading, and drawing, and finding old pleasures and wisdoms pouring back into the space I suddenly have…everything is a bit wow, and I cannot even imagine what life is going to be like with an new little Goddess in it.

What a lucky girl she’ll be with such wonderful men around her…a super loving dad and a big brother! I think I still adopt men in my life trying to find a big brother! 

Big kisses