Such a strange mood this evening…It’s being caught between resting and holidays, and the creeping sensation of the school run returning!

I’ve spent a lot of time sleeping this holiday (bliss!) and a lot on the computer…myspace in particular….so the impending end of holiday seems a little scary, I’ve let a lot of stuff slip. I have laundry to catch up on, the house is far from it’s best and some serious food shopping is required. 
End of year beginning of year too…feeling somewhat lost. There are new babies (three over Christmas and the new year) in my group of mum friends, another on the way in the summer. I’ve never been too good at this housewifey thing, it’s more like being on holiday (with loads of hard work thrown in)…I have difficulty feeling my own sense of value. For the younger mums starting their families, having baby No. two it seems to make sense…actually even those with just the one, I look at them and it seems 100% right for them to be at home. 
perhaps it’s because I always remember my mum working…and perhaps it’s because we could do with paying off some debts…I feel such a need for an aim, training etc.
So, we’ll see how I feel in a week.
It would be so sensible to go to bed at ten instead of one.