Today is sunny and glorious and my mum’s Birthday! And she’s here!
There are irises on the mantlepiece and  dinner planned for tonight…all quite a lot for a tuesday….definitely feels like the weekend…what a scrumptious bonus.

It’s been sunny and warm enough to go out in a T-shirt four times in the last week…not usual February weather for the UK at all…it’s a lovely treat and due to change from tomorrow…it seems almost absurd that it’ll stop being sunny though, today feels like early summer and that weeks of sunnier weather are due…
Very British conversation!

I have been keeping a more regular blog for the last month or so… here …It’s got more pictures and at last I worked out how to create a link roll, so that’s there too for now….I suddenly felt that I was missing LJ though so I shall probably keep both. I’ve missed loads of friend news so I’m off to hunt through that now.
Big kisses